Exporting a Backup to Snowflake Data Warehouse

    Before you can upload data to a Snowflake Data Warehouse Account, you must:

    • Have an account to store your data. You can find further information ​here.​​
    • Create a new Snowflake Endpoint in the application.
    NOTE: We are not responsible for data exported from the application to external storage. We cannot be held responsible for the security, privacy or protection of data in any external storage. You are responsible for your Snowflake Data Warehouse Account security and privacy. We are unable to check that it is secure.

    Export a Full Backup to your Snowflake Data Warehouse

    1. Click ​Export backup​​.
    2. Select the Endpoint from the drop-down list, and then click ​Export.​​


    1. Select the Endpoint from the drop-down list.


    1. Select whether to export All or to export Specific objects.


    1. If you selected Specific objects, select the objects you wish to export.
    2. Click ​Save​​.
    3. When the export job is complete, check your Snowflake Data Warehouse for the exported files.


    Click here to see more about objects excluded from the export.

    Click here to see another article on exporting data and metadata.

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